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Specialty 051 – Economics


Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics invites everyone to join the largest event of the 2021 admission campaign – the online marathon “Admission 2021 to NURE. Choose your future with NURE”.  The marathon will take place on March 13-14 and 20-21 from 10 am on the YouTube channel NURE TV.  During the event, entrants will have 28 meetings with teachers, students and graduates, who will get acquainted with each educational program.  We offer you a schedule so as not to miss the acquaintance with those educational programs that interest you the most.  The first broadcast will take place this Saturday.  Choose your future with the First among the best.

13 March
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Applicants We invite entrants to take part in the Olympiad

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics invites entrants to take part in the All-Ukrainian Olympiad of NURE for entrants on the basis of complete general secondary education in the following subjects:
Ukrainian language;

In order to take part in the Olympics you need:
1. Register for participation in the I (remote) round of the Olympiad by filling out and sending the form, which will be published on the website in the period from March 1 to March 26, 2021.
2. Solve the tasks that will be sent to you by e-mail, send answers to the e-mail of the Olympics   by April 19, 2021.
3. To receive an invitation to the II (face-to-face round) Olympics, which will take place on April 24, 2021.
4. Arrive at the University of Radio Electronics at 9-00 on April 24, complete the tasks of the Olympiad and get additional points to the certificate of external evaluation in a particular subject when entering the NURE.  Have a passport with you.


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An open day online will be held on  December 6, 2020 at the University of Radio Electronics.


Applicants   Specialty 051 – Economics

Educational and professional program “Economic Cybernetics” is a unique combination of economics, business and information technologies, which provides the opportunity to obtain qualitative basic economic training, and information technologies provide special system skills that allow to evaluate, analyze and forecast the activities of economic systems at risk and uncertainty.

The training program consists of blocks:

  1. General Economics Disciplines.
  2. Specialized disciplines in economics and mathematical modeling.
  3. Disciplines in Information Technology.

As a result of training, a graduate will receive skills:

  1. Use analytical and methodological tools to understand the logic of business decision making in the context of the behavior of various economic agents.
  2. Describe the models of socio-economic phenomena in terms of fundamental principles and knowledge based on an understanding of the main areas of economic science development.
  3. Apply relevant economic and mathematical methods and models to solve economic problems.;
  4. Analyze the main features of the modern world and national economy, the institutional structure, directions of the social, economic and foreign economic policy of the state.
  5. Analyze the functioning and development of business entities, define functional areas, and calculate relevant indicators that characterize the performance of their activities.
  6. Analyze the processes of state and market regulation of socio-economic and labor relations. </ li>
  7. Identify sources and understand the methodology of defining and methods for obtaining socio-economic data, collect and analyze necessary information, and calculate economic and social indicators.
  8. Implement a multidisciplinary analysis of the functioning of socio-economic systems.
  9. Use regulatory and legal acts regulating the activities of business entities.
  10. Use information and communication technologies to address socio-economic challenges, prepare and submit analytical reports.
  11. Simulate and refine business processes.
  12. To substantiate managerial decisions on the formation of an enterprise innovation and investment strategy.


  • enterprises of various sectors of the economy;
  • banking institutions;
  • insurance, auditing and consulting companies;
  • authorities;
  • international companies, etc.

Applicants   Specialty 073 – Management

Brief description of the specialty Management: 
The main focus of the specialty “Management” is the organization and management of the system of financial and economic security in enterprises, organizations and financial institutions.

The training program consists of blocks: 
1. Legal security of the enterprise
2. Economic security
3. Information and analytical support for enterprise security
4. Ensuring social security

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Specialty 073 – Management


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