Department of Economic Сybernetics and Management of Economic Security (EC)


Workshop “Business-University Coevolution: New Realities – New Practices”

We inform you about the intention of three Erasmus+ projects to hold the Workshop “Business-University Coevolution: New Realities – New Practices” (September 15, 2023, Kyiv).

The event aims to demonstrate new teaching methods developed under the project to counter hybrid threats and a project on training entrepreneurs in advanced industries to create international multidisciplinary startups, as well as the advantages of synergy of project results. Among other projects, the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Academic countermeasures to hybrid threats – WARN” 610133-EPP-1-2019-1-FI-EPPKA2 will be presented -CBHE-JP, the co-executor of which is the EC department.

Please note that the event will be held face-to-face at the address: Kyiv, prov. Khersonskyi 3, ZVO International Scientific and Technical University named after Ac. Yuriy Bugaya, aud. 302, Hall of the Academic Council. If there is an opportunity and desire, please join the participants of the event in Kyiv.

The press release of the event with a link to the registration form:

Workshop "Business-University Coevolution: New Realities - New Practices"