Department of Economic Сybernetics and Management of Economic Security (EC)


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Historical Development of Department

Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (KNURE)  is a modern educational and scientific center, one of the oldest state specialized higher educational institutions in Ukraine, which trains specialists from many important specialties. University has and effective system of preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel, which includes doctoral studies and postgraduate studies. The postgraduate course of KNURE ensures preparation for up to 40 doctoral and candidate’s theses annually.

According to the license, the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics conducts bachelor and masters courses in the specialty 051 “Economics”, the educational and professional program “Economic Cybernetics”, the branch of knowledge “Social and behavioral sciences” and the training of masters in the specialty 073 “Management”, educational and professional Program “Financial and Economic Security Management”, branch of knowledge 07 Management and administration. The Department of Economic Cybernetics and Economic Security Management is responsible for the preparation on these educational and professional Programs.

The department with the name “Economic Cybernetics” operates since May 28, 2003. Since October 26, 1996 the department had the name “Economics and Management” and was formed on the basis of the unification of two Departments  – the Department of “Political Economy” and the Department ” Economics and production management organizations “.

Departments, from which the modern department of “Economic Cybernetics” has been formed, have a rich history of their development.

By the Resolution of the Council USSR Ministers № 328 from 17.08.47 Kharkov Mining and Industrial Institute was reorganized to Kharkov Mining Institute of the Ministry of Higher Education.

According to the director’s order of the Mining Institute from 13.11.1947 was founded department,”Economics and Organization of the mining industry” which became part of the mining department.

Since the formation of the building institute (until 1947) the subject of Economics was studied as a separate independent discipline.

The department “Political Economics” was founded in 1948. It had 4 teachers and its first Head was Associated Prof. O.V. Sazonov (1948-1965)

By the Resolution of CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers № 374 from a 21.04.62 “On measures to further improve the training of radio and electronic equipment” and by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education USRS № 562 from 6.08.62. on the basis of the Kharkov Mining Institute was founded Kharkov Institute of Mining Engineering, Automation and Computer Engineering (KHIMEACE). By the Order 62 in the institute from 20.02.63 department of Economics and the mining industry was renamed to “Economics and organization of industrial enterprises Department”, the head of which was the prof.  Gavrish V.P

During 1965-1966 the department was leaded by PhD, associate professor V.I. Lobunets. At that time at the department was working PhD., associate professor V.A. Ivashko, who later became the secretary of Kharkiv regional party committee, the first CPU Central Committee secretary,the head of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine and the secretary of CPSU Central Committee. There is a memorial desk in his honor in the university.

In accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 449 dated June 10, 1966, KHIMEACE was renamed by the Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics (KIRE).

Since 1966 the department “Economics and organization of production management” enters the faculty of the computing machinery. Its head was Doctor of Technical Sciences., professor V.G. Novikov. Since then, the scientific and educational work of the department was aimed at improving the organization, planning and management of instrument-making enterprises.

Since 1967, intensive work on the creation of the material and technical base of the department is under way. A laboratory equipped with computers was organized.  Between 1968 – 89 research department  was directed to study the problems of analysis and synthesis of the main acceleration directions to solve a complex pre-production problem, quality control and efficiency of instrument making industry enterprises

In 1972 the postgraduate study was opened at the department.

In 1980-1989 the department was lead by professor K.D. Konovalenko. During that time the department entered the faculty of the managerial systems, then the radiotechnical faculty and again – the managerial systems.

In 1989-1990 department was lead by professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences YU.B. Maksimov. During that period the intensive work on creation of mathematical software, making the laboratory works and scientific studies was made.

During 1990-1992 the department was leaded by PhD., associate professor L.V. Sokolova. At this time in the learning process have been introduced such new subjects as  “Marketing”, “Economics and Business,” “Management”.As the times change direction department and tools of economic graduation projects justification  , works on the basis of business plans. Teachers of the department  promptly react to changing market conditions in the economy: prepared for the newnotes, new guidance on business,  marketing, management.

In the end of 1992 the department “Economy” was created at the base of two departments – “Political Economics” and “Economics and organization of production management” (the order №196К from 25.06.92), which was leaded by prof. P.M. Koyuda.

Since 1995 the department is grading, preparing economists at popular and modern specialities: “information systems in management” (in 1996 the department first in university has got the license for preparation engineer-economists from the second higher education on this professions) and “Economic cybernetics” (since 1998).

At 26 of October 1996 the department was renamed to “Economic Cybernetics”. The department has a branch on IN ” Malishev Plant” and in Kharkivenergo, but from 28 May 2003 by order №88 have a name “The department of the economic cybernetics”, it was leaded by prof. P.M. Koyuda. The department provides education to the student of the university by 51 disciplines.

Since 2007, department is headed by Prof.  Vladimir Aleksandrovich Timofeev. Areas of scientific interests – development of methods and models of control and management in technical and economic systems.

In 2009, the Department of  Economic Cybernetics presented a new specialty 8.000015 – “Management of financial and economic security.” This specialty falls to specific category ,  offering training of masters for three semesters. Since 2011, due to accreditation of this new specialty  the Department of Economics became known as the Department of Economic Cybernetics and the Management of Financial and Economic Security (EC), (University Order No. 131 dated 02.06.2011).

Since September 2018, the head of the Department of Economic Cybernetics and the Department of Economic Security of KNURE is Doctor of Economics, associate professor  Polozova Tatyana Vasylivna.

Throughout its existence, the staff of the department pays considerable attention to the education of students, the management of student groups.

Under the leadership of the faculty, students are actively involved in research work at institute, city, regional  national and international conferences. Online workshops, trainings and online games. Students repeatedly received awards and certificated.